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Dream Teams are groups of volunteers using their God-given gifts to serve others as part of the body of Christ. Everyone has God-given gifts. When we use those gifts to serve others, the whole church is strengthened. Dream Team volunteers make a difference in the lives of every person who comes through our doors from the parking lot to the platform.

What do I do next? 

Check out the Dream Teams below and decide which one(s) you want to be involved with. Then click on the link at the bottom to open a resonse form. Once you've filled out and submitted the form, we will have a Dream Team Leader contact you. 

Thank you for serving!



•Mission: To show the love of Christ to everyone who comes through the doors of Life Church.

•Servant Opportunity: To welcome and direct people to where they need to be for services. Hand out Bulletins. There is also an opportunity to Volunteer and Train for the Coffee Bar Ministry.

•Time Commitment: One Sunday Morning Per Month as Scheduled.


•Mission: To pray and intercede faithfully for our church, Pastor, staff, leaders, ministries, congregation and community.

•Servant Opportunity: Praying in the prayer room prior, during and after services. Praying for requests made through the FB Messenger page and for the weekly requests submitted on Connect Cards. Covering upcoming events with prayer. To be available to pray for/with those who may request personal prayer.

•Time Commitment: Attend weekly prayer meeting, invest personal time in prayer and intercession, and pray during service times of your choosing.


•Mission: To teach, serve, and guide all ages of children and youth to show the love of Christ and a heart for God.

•Servant Opportunity: Teaching the provided lessons, being a teacher’s helper, interacting with the children or youth, and to participate at children’s events such as VBS, Easter activities, Fall Festival, etc.

•Time Commitment: Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings as needed.

*Background Check Required


•Mission: To create an atmosphere of worship that exalts God, brings hope & healing, and prepares hearts for the word of God to be delivered.

•Servant Opportunity: Using your talents and gifts as part of a team through playing an instrument or singing. 

•Time commitment: Attend rehearsals and pre-service practice as scheduled. Learn songs ahead of practice. Be available for special events.

*Auditions are required.


•Mission: Enhancing the worship experience by meeting the audio-visual needs of church services & events.

•Servant Opportunity: Operate sound board/lights, computer (lyrics & video), social media live broadcasts, and/or video production. Experience is a plus, but we will train anyone willing to learn.

•Time Commitment: Sunday services, worship practice, special events. Weekly schedules are made according to your availability.


•Mission: To connect people to people and encourage one another in the Body of Christ.

•Servant Opportunity: write cards, make phone calls, and connect with people in need in whatever manner is appropriate. Also involves taking meals to families who are experiencing sickness, hospitalization, death in the family, or other stressful circumstances.

•Time Commitment: a few minutes a week or as you are available.


•Mission: to go out into the community to serve and witness.

•Servant Opportunity: this is a new team and is currently in the planning stages.

•Time Commitment: as you are available.

FLAMINGOS (aka: cleaning crew)

•Mission: To help maintain a clean environment in the church facilities. To create special environments for events.

•Servant Opportunity: General cleaning in the main church building. Cleaning of floors, windows, bathrooms, & kitchens in The Barn. Preparing for special events (set-up, decorations, etc). Decorating for holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc.) in The Barn and the main building.

•Time commitment: Cleaning takes place weekly, but if there are enough team members, the work will be rotated so nobody has to work every week. 


•Mission: To care for, maintain, repair, and renovate church buildings inside and outside.

•Servant Opportunity: Make improvements and repairs to the facilities and grounds as needed. Examples: Painting, construction, plumbing, cutting the grass, gardening, electrical and plumbing services, etc.

•Time Commitment: Your donated time as issues or projects arise. Grass cutting on a rotated weekly basis (lawn equipment on site).


•Mission: To provide a safe environment for all people attending church services and special events.

•Servant Opportunity: To deter, deescalate, and resolve any safety issue that may arise. To assist in any emergency such as medical, fire, natural disaster, etc.

•Time Commitment: Sunday or Wednesday services as scheduled as well as extra events.

*Background check required.

Want more information on one or more of the Dream Teams? Ready to sign up to serve? 

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