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We Believe in …

The Scriptures Inspired

Life Church Meridian accepts the Bible as the revealed will of God, the all-sufficient rule of faith and practice, and for the purpose of maintaining general unity of statements of faith. The Scriptures both Old and New Testament are the inspired, infallible revelation of God to man and the authority of faith and conduct.


The One True God

The one true God has revealed Himself as the “I AM,” the Creator, and Redeemer of mankind.

The Deity of Jesus

The Lord Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God.  The Scriptures declare His virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, death and resurrection, and ascension to the right hand of God.

The Salvation of Man

Man’s only hope is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.  Salvation is by faith through grace and demonstrated in repentance.


Ordinances of the Church

Water Baptism - By full immersion in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.

Holy Communion - The Lord’s Supper consisting of the Body and Blood represented in the fruit of the vine and bread.


The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

According to Acts 1:8 and Acts 2:4 with one of the signs being speaking in other tongues along with other gifts.


The act of separation from that which is evil, and dedication unto God.


The Church and Its Mission

The church is the representative of Jesus on earth and is to carry out the Great Commission.

The Ministry

A divinely called and scripturally ordained minister has been provided by God to lead the church in evangelization, worship, building the body, and general leadership of the church.

Divine Healing

Is provided for today by the Scriptures and included in the atonement for our sins.


The Blessed Hope

The resurrection of the just is the blessed hope of the body of Christ.


The Millennial Reign

The second coming of Christ includes the rapture and a return to earth by Christ with His saints for a thousand-year reign.


The Final Judgment

There will be a final judgment at which all men will be judged.


The New Heaven and Earth

All of God’s children will reign forever in a new heaven and a new earth.


Statement of Marriage

We believe that because God our Creator established marriage as a sacred institution between one man and one woman, the idea that marriage is a covenant only between one man and one woman has been the traditional definition of marriage for all of human history (“Traditional Definition of Marriage”). Because of the longstanding importance of the Traditional Definition of Marriage to humans and their relationships and communities, and, most importantly, the fact that God has ordained that marriage be between one man and one woman, as clearly conveyed in God’s inerrant Scriptures, including for example in Matthew 19:4-6 where in speaking about marriage Jesus referred to the fact that “he which made them at the beginning made them male and female,” the Church hereby creates this policy, which shall be known as the “Marriage Policy.”

Under this Church’s Marriage Policy, the Traditional Definition of Marriage is the only definition of marriage that will be recognized or accepted. No elder, officer, employee, servant, agent, or any person, corporation, organization, or entity under the direction or control of this Church shall commit any act or omission, or make any decision whatever, that would be inconsistent with, or that could be perceived by any person to be inconsistent with, full support of this Church’s Marriage Policy and strict adherence to the Traditional Definition of Marriage rather than any alternative to the Traditional Definition of Marriage.

This Church’s Marriage Policy specifically prohibits acts or omissions including but not limited to permitting any Church assets or property, whether real property, personal property, intangible property, or any property or asset of any kind that is subject to the direction or control of the Church, to be used in any manner that would be or could be perceived by any person to be inconsistent with this Church’s Marriage Policy or the Traditional Definition of Marriage, including but not limited to permitting any church facilities to be used by any person, organization, corporation, or group that would or might use such facilities to convey, intentionally or by implication, what might be perceived as a favorable impression about any definition of marriage other than the Traditional Definition of Marriage.  Life Church Meridian Bylaws 5 of 24 .

Traditional Marriages will be performed only for Life Church Meridian members after the couple has completed the Life Church Pre-Marital Counseling Program either through the Life Group Ministry or individual counseling.

We believe this Church’s Marriage Policy is based upon God’s will for human life as conveyed to us through the Holy Scriptures, upon which this Church has been founded and anchored, and this Marriage Policy shall not be subject to change through popular vote; referendum; prevailing opinion of members or the general public; influence of or interpretation by any government authority, agency, or official action; or legal developments on the local, state, or federal level.